Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ear Tubes....CHECK!

No Rutledge child is complete until they've received their ear tubes.
Today Maisy had Bilateral Myringotomy; or - ear tubes. (Her brother Johnny had two sets, hopefully this will be Maisy's only pair.)
In December I uttered the famous last words, "Grammie, Maisy's almost 1 and has not been on antibiotics once!" (Johnny was very sick the first year and on antibiotics often) The next week she got her first ear infection. Since then she has had 4 more.
Surgery was this morning and we had to be at the surgery center at 7:10 am. Unfortunately Maisy was not allowed to eat after midnight. When her 5:00 am feeding came around, Maisy was less than pleased to learn she was not getting milk and chose to stay awake and express her opinions rather than going back to sleep.
After we got checked in they gave her something to relax her so it would be easier to take her back to the operating room. Unfortunately the surgery before hers was cancelled so the medicine was not really in her system when they took her back. She was very very upset when the nurse pried her off of me, leaving Gabe and I with a memory of the saddest face ever as they ushered us back to the waiting room. 10 excruciatingly long minutes later the dr came out and told us that everything went well and Maisy would be in recovery shortly and we could be with her.
Maisy had a hard time waking up from the anesthetic and was pretty groggy and had very little control of her body. It was like holding a 19 pound floppy newborn. But, she got some milk and enjoyed cuddling and calmed down very quickly.
Maisy slept when we got home and woke up in a much better mood. She's had a low fever off and on during the day, and has no interest in being away from mommy, but is doing well otherwise. By this evening she was back to stealing Johnny's toys and hitting him.
Here is Maisy riding in the wagon at the surgery center, before she knew what was about to happen!

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