Sunday, June 21, 2009

1½ Years!

Wow! Maisy is 18 months... It is really hard for me to believe. She's becoming more toddler than baby.
She now weighs 19lbs 11oz and is 2ft 4½ inches.
She's alot of fun. She's very silly and laughs and plays alot. She's currently going through a bit of a clingy phase and enjoys holding my hair while she attaches herself like Velcro to me. (Which means I have a gigantic knot in the back of my hair that I can't comb out!)
She's starting to talk alot. Still most of it is "trash talk" as Papa says; but you can pick up a word or phrase here and there. She enjoys yelling through the house "mama! wut dooo-in". Usually she doesn't really care about my answer! She also LOVES to answer questions with "no" or "yes" and usually she answers inappropriately! You may say "Maisy, are you done eating" and she will smile and say "no" as she tries to get out of her chair.
She's working on jumping and sometimes gets both feet off the ground at the same time! She also likes to walk on her tip-toes and stand on one leg. She also LOVES drawing. I keep her entertained during Johnny's karate class with a pen and a pad of paper.
This week she seems to be sleeping ok. Last week, not so much! She's working on getting her bottom molars. If you notice in her picture - she still only has 2 teeth on the bottom. I keep reminding myself that she probably does have more teeth down there; but occasionally I have a panicked moment where I worry that she may only have 2 teeth on the bottom. (she's the second, I worry about very little with her so I'll give myself this one thing!)

She LOVES taking showers at Momo's house. If she breaks into Momo's bedroom she will run straight into the bathroom and hop in the shower. Tonight she got to take a shower and we had a hard time getting her out. (she's not crying, this is her while playing with the water)

I have no idea where she learned to talk on the phone!

What started out like this....

Became this...

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