Friday, July 17, 2009

San Diego Trip 2009!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on vacation with the Rutledge's? Now is your chance to experience it!
We went to San Diego to visit Legoland and Seaworld with Momo and Papa and we are sharing our pictures with you. Be warned! This is probably more pictures than you ever wanted to see of the Rutledge's. Shockingly I'm only sharing the "best" ones!

The trip was great. Johnny LOVED it. Legoland was the perfect place for him. He saw all his favorite Lego characters and got to go on rides and see different Lego exhibits and movies. He got brave towards the end and went on the Coastersaurus with Mommy, Daddy and Papa. After much discussion with him that we weren't sure he'd like it, he was very firm in his decision to attempt this ride. After the ride was complete he exclaimed "I thought I was going to die!". He has decided he never wants to ride a roller coaster again.

Johnny's favorite ride was the "Lost Kingdom Adventure". He took everyone on it many times! Personally I think he just enjoyed that you got to shoot a laser gun!

Maisy enjoyed the toddler areas of Legoland, but she isn't big enough for any of the rides. She liked walking around, but enjoyed riding in her stroller more. She was an excellent traveller, just going with the flow and taking LONG naps in her stroller or in her carrier. It was wonderful! (Her brother was not quite as adaptable at her age, so we were a little worried about what we were getting in to. Thankfully she far exceeded our expectations.)

Seaworld was by far Maisy's favorite. She LOVED the Shamu Show. They have you do something with your hands in the air called the "Sham Slam" to encourage the whale to slam it's tale on the water and splash the audience. Maisy picked it up very quickly and is still walking around the house making the hand motion. She laughed and clapped all through the performance.

Johnny also enjoyed the Shamu Show, but was a little disappointed. He thought he would get to get in the water and swim with the whales.

We were greeted by some rather rude dolphins during the Dolphin Discovery show which resulted in us being splashed and getting quite wet. Unfortunately the salt water got in Johnny's eyes and we had to leave the show early. Needless to say we don't care to see Bubbles the dolphin again.

Our favorite area of Seaworld was the Sesame Street Bay of Play. It was really neat! They had tons of Sesame Street themed rides and exhibits and Maisy, Momo and I got to watch a performance by Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Abby Cadabby. After the performance we met the characters which made Maisy a little uncomfortable.

We are home and have recovered from our trip. The only downfall was that Maisy got sick on our trip and ended up at the dr with pneumonia. She got on some medicine and got better quickly and is back to normal now.

And now....too many pictures from our trip!

The Rutledge's....2009

Darth Vader is made out of Lego's
(or as Johnny calls him - Dark Vader)

A HUGE breakthrough for Johnny. He's been terrified of "dressed up" people for years!

The Lego's

Johnny's favorite - the Lego Bionicles

Maisy at the Sesame Street Bay of Play Water Fountain

Maisy, fast asleep with her new Shamu stuffed toy

Maisy doing the "Sham Slam"

In the hotel playing with Gameboy

Momo and Johnny on a river boat ride. Momo let Johnny steer. At one point they were going backwards. 7 boats passed them. Gabe was impressed with this feat!

Johnny and Papa in a helicopter

Johnny at the entrance to Legoland

Johnny posing with the Lego fish in our hotel

Maisy and Mommy on the airplane. It was her first flight! She slept throughout the entire trip. When we sat down the woman next to me did not look pleased to see a baby. She looked at Maisy, looked at me and said "she's looking at me". I honestly wasn't sure how to respond to that statement! At the end of the flight she said "well, she did pretty good".

Johnny has decided he's ready for Disneyland. His parents have decided they should start saving their money and hoping he'll be patient!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi~ thanks for sharing your blog! We took Gabe to SeaWorld and Lego Land earlier this August. It was so much fun, but glad he was too little for waiting in lines for rides. We have some of the very same pictures!