Friday, June 19, 2009

Class of 2021....YOU ARE GRADUATED

Kindergarten Graduation was on Thursday. Johnny had a wonderful time. He was SO PROUD!
He woke up in the middle of the night with a cold and started crying because he was worried he wouldn't get to speak at his Kindergarten Graduation. Luckily he was well enough!

He asked me to arrive early so I could go to recess with him. Little did I know that he wanted me to actually participate in recess with him. He wanted me to play all the things he plays during recess. I drew the line when the boys began playing war and were choosing sides and shooting at each other!

Johnny got a memory book with some of the special art work he made this year. It was amazing to see the difference. In September Johnny couldn't write his name. He could make a "J" and that was it. Last week he got a "gold glitter name"; which you earn when you are able to write your name using the proper "school" letters. I honestly didn't expect that Johnny would get a gold glitter name this year. His main area of delay are his fine motor skills. Writing is very hard for him and in the past his stubbornness has prevented him from working on it. This year Mrs. M. really sparked an interest in him and he LOVES writing and drawing. His improvement is directly related to this and it is wonderful to witness.
Johnny with Mrs. Muzatko
As we left the school parking lot I said to Johnny "Wow, what a great year!" and Johnny replied "Mama! My year with Mrs. M. was my best year ever!". How wonderful it is to see my son so in love with school and learning and his teacher.
Johnny with Mrs. Thacker, the para educator who helps in their class.
After kindergarten graduation we went to Meconi's to celebrate and then to pick up Maisy from Momo and Papa's house. In the evening we went to a classmates birthday party at Skateland. It was a wonderful way to finish the last day of school.

Maisy loved "skating". At least she thinks she did! They had rented the entire skating rink for the party, so she got to run on the floor. She watched the kids for a while and then she would walk a few steps and then dramatically fall down to her knees and stomach. Then she would look up at me and raise one hand in the air for me to help her up; exactly like she'd watched me to with the other kids. We repeated the process all over the floor. It was adorable. Johnny's skating is improving and he only had 1 wipe out!
I suspect in the next few days Johnny is going to be a little sad when the impact of no more school hits him. It has been a much loved activity this year.
Look how much Johnny and Maisy have grown this year.
This picture was taken on the 1st day of school
And this picture was taken, 9 months later, on the last day of school.
Here is a video of his "kindergarten speech". In case you can't understand him, he says "I like kindergarten because I made really good friends".

Tomorrow we are off to watch cousin Bailey perform in her very first ballet recital. She is going to be a bear. When I told Johnny he said "will she growl and eat the other dancers?". I guess my idea of a 3 year old bear ballet recital is much different than a 7 year old boys idea of a 3 year old bear ballet recital. Either way, he's very excited to see Bailey and if the weather is nice he wants to swim in her pool.

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