Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Today we carved our pumpkin!
Johnny has spent the last week "coloring" all over our pumpkin; various characters from Ben 10 Alien Force. Johnny's coloring imitates how he does everything in life...with full force and gusto and ALOT of action which usually results in a beauty that only Johnny fully appreciates.
We brought our pumpkin over to Grammie and Grandpa's house. Johnny brought in the pumpkin and said "Grammie you may see two of some guys but that's because I drew them in different modes". (To truly appreciate this comment look closely at the pumpkin in the picture. Not one area was left uncolored and by the time the pumpkin made it to Grammie's house it was messy and runny. Crayola washable markers don't draw well on pumpkins.)

I was planning on making our pumpkin look like Maisy - two bottom teeth; but Johnny chose the moment of me cutting the mouth with a very, very sharp (grandpa sharpened) knife to say that he thinks he's ready to cut the pumpkin with the knife. He thinks he can handle it. In my utter shock and fear I forgot what I was doing. So, I decided the pumpkin has the top teeth that Maisy does not have!

Yesterday Johnny returned home from school and told us he'd used the bathroom all by himself. He took care of everything. Then he said to Gabe, "Daddy, I think I forgot to wipe so you'll want to check on that". (If you know Johnny, you'll know this is actually a HUGE accomplishment and we are actually very excited by it! Amazing how much parenthood changes you...never would I have thought I'd be excited over someone using the bathroom!)

Maisy continues to practice her walking. She is actually more interested in walking than crawling these days; which means it takes her a long time to get places. She takes a couple steps, squats a little to regain her balance, then takes a few more, then falls on her bum, then gets up, then gets balanced, then takes a couple steps, then squats to regain her balance, then takes a few more steps, then falls forward, then gets up.... It takes her all day to cross the room. She's very excited though. Sometimes she stops and starts clapping and bouncing and then falls because she gets too excited.

Halloween costumes are completed and ready for trick or treating on Friday! Johnny is very excited because we are going trick or treating with his best friend Haven.

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