Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch today!
Johnny enjoyed a trip down the slide

Johnny's annual tradition of stepping on the rotten pumpkins

Maisy seemed to think this was pretty funny and was wide eyed the entire time
Johnny selecting a pumpkin Johnny making a last minute change in pumpkins

Maisy looking adorable with the pumpkins!

3 Rutledge's staring at pumpkins

Entering the hay maze

Getting lost in the hay maze

Finding our way out of the hay maze (with help from daddy standing above giving us hints!)

It was another great year at the pumpkin patch. This year Johnny enjoyed feeding the goats. Maisy seems to have inherited my fear of goats gene. I took her to see them and a goat put it's hand on the fence and made a noise and Maisy screamed and started crying and shaking. (if you don't know the story ask me! I'm too lazy to type it right now! Maybe, if you are lucky, some day I will post a picture of the vicious Knotts Berry Farm goats attacking me!) By the way, I am no longer afriad of goats.

On a positive note. Maisy has been "Jay Gordonized" and is sleeping excellently. I've gotten at least 6 hours of straight sleep for 4 nights! I feel like a new person.


the Richardsons said...

Looks like a really fun time! That slide is neat. Did you guys go to the place on Yelm Highway?

JOHNNY G and MAISY C said...

yes! It's hunter's tree farm