Friday, September 05, 2008

Johnny's First Day of Kindergarten!

Johnny began Kindergarten today!

He got off the bus and proclaimed the day to be a "500". (500 Points. So far, 100 has been the highest!)

He told us that their class has only 1 bathroom and when you use it you need to put the bear on a string on the door knob. If you have to go and it's an emergency and someone is in the bathroom you can use the bathroom that more than one person can use; but not the bathroom that is only for adults. (I'm guessing they spent quite a bit of time discussing the bathroom!)

He ate his lunch at school and was very excited to have two chocolate chip cookies in his lunch. He didn't eat nearly as much as I thought he might and returned home with most of his lunch; minus 1½ cookies. (Gabe and I were assuming that lunch was over in the middle of him eating his last cookie so he put it in his lunch box and pretended that he saved it for after school!)
They had 3 recesses and 2 snack times. (snack was goldfish crackers) And, he didn't show anyone his new transformers underwear. He has a third grade buddy, he thinks his name is Aaron. And in this class you aren't allowed to borrow stuff like you were in his last class; but you can save stuff for later. During rest time you are allowed to sleep or read books. You may get 3 books to look at but you have to get them all at once and look at them quietly. He looked at books. His teacher, Mrs. Muzatko, also read them a book called Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and people in the story were talking animals. Mrs. Bindergarten is a dog! And...his bus drivers name is Chuck. He also listed off all the his classmates names; and I think he remembered everyone. Half the class went today and half went yesterday and they will all go together on Monday.

Johnny is in class with Zoë. Zoë and Johnny met in baby class at South Puget Sound Community College when Zoë was just 10 days old and Johnny was 4 months old. They have been in playgroup together ever since. (Zoë is also big sister to Maisy's BFF Solome'!) I tried to find a picture of them together when they were little babies, but I couldn't find one that showed their faces. (they were always moving too much) But I did find a few pictures from Halloween when they were 1. Zoë is dressed like a Penguin and Johnny is dressed like Curious George.

Johnny was very exuberant in his smiling for their first day of school photo!
And a few pictures just because...

Johnny is very excited that Maisy is working on a new skill! She's standing and walking around her toy box. (and falling and crashing a lot too! Her face is pretty bruised!) She's also wearing two ponytails for the first time! (and yes - she is shorter than the stereo speaker in the background. It looks absolutely silly to see someone standing on legs that are probably 8 or 9 inches long!)
Here she is after a nap with her two ponytails! Her hair looks a little bit like Grandpa Munster

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