Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Tooth!

This little girl spent the night working on her first tooth. As you can see, she's feeling self conscious and doesn't want everyone looking at it!
Johnny started soccer this week. It's his first sports team since the disastrous basketball experience of 2006. He's playing on a YMCA team with a few of his friends. The first practice was on Wednesday and he seemed to enjoy himself.

While I was unloading the dishes Maisy decided she needed to help...
I had a flashback to another little person that wanted to help.... (this i s Johnny at 18 months)
Recently Gabe helped Johnny select an outfit to wear; look familiar?!?! I'm pretty certain Gabe has the same outfit, minus the Transformers underwear!
Maisy is enjoying daddy playing guitar for her. She gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth and dances.
Yesterday Maisy tried apples for the first time. Her face sums up her feelings on the experience.

Johnny had his first full week of school and LOVES it. He was especially excited to realize that the Curious George blanket he took for rest time "works". It didn't used to work when he sucked his finger with it but now it does. You'll be pleased to know that it's flavored banana.

Maisy is crawling all over and standing and walking along stuff like spiderman. She looks pretty ridiculous as she's very short. It's funny to glance over and see something the size of a doll standing and walking around. She's BUSY and into everything!

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