Wednesday, September 03, 2008

8 Months!

Maisy is 8 months old
She's crawling and standing and getting into absolutely everything. She sleeps terribly, (which is why it's taken so long for her mother to blog!) We went on a trip to Seaside, visited the zoo, experienced Lakefair and have enjoyed many summer time activities.


In this picture I think it looks like Johnny is floating down the hall
Johnny finally got to feed Maisy a bottle. He's been waiting since he found about her...
Johnny lost his tooth on vacation!
(it wasn't really THAT loose...he was trying to get Gabe's attention by biting his pants and ripped it out! OOPS!)

Johnny tried to catch a seagull and put sand on it's wings to watch the sand go everywhere as it flew away. Needless to say he never caught one...just got really close and threw sand everywhere.
Maisy and Johnny looking at the sharks at the zoo
Johnny in a nest
Maisy in a nest
Hermit Crab Maisy
This is Maisy eating a cheerio and NOT liking it...
Johnny in a spider web at the zoo
Maisy fell asleep while jumping
I think this would be perfect for the cover of the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block"
(not that I've actually ever read the book...)
Maisy and her favorite Uncle Joel eyeing the same toy
Maisy and her favorite toy Don

Johnny: daddy will you play a game with me
Daddy: let's play a game where we pick up all the toys in the house
Johnny: I want nothing to do with that game
Mommy: Do you think Maisy will ever play with dolls?
Johnny: No, Mama...she's ROCK ON like me

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