Friday, August 10, 2007


Summertime again!
(bet you thought I was gonna say the sex of the baby!!!)

This summer hasn't been nearly as warm as last summer, so Johnny isn't going on as many outdoor adventures. But, he's been very busy inside. Right now he LOVES superheros - batman and spiderman top the list. He spends alot of time on his batwing (the bed) fighting bad guys.

We took him to lakefair, in the rain, and he still had a great time! He rode the jet and shouted from the top "I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!". It was adorable!

Johnny is very set on having a baby brother. He wants a baby brother very very badly. He wants to get funk beds (bunk beds) for him and his brother to sleep in, he wants to play with his brother, he wants to do everything with his brother. We have tried to prepare him that the baby could be either sex. He came running into me the other day and said "mama! If Cookie Jar (what he calls the baby) is a girl, we can name it nothing." I said "that's a silly name Johnny, how will it know when we are talking to it?" and he replied "well....if it's a girl, I want you to push it back in and don't let it come out". I said "Johnny, you can't really do that. When the baby wants to come out it just comes out". And he said "oh, well then if it's a girl lets just leave it at the hospital and let someone else take it home". We are trying to point out all the fun things girls can do and all the things he will need to teach a girl...he's not interested - he still wants his brother.

Johnny likes to play Batman and get "nemenies".
We have a lift and look book with a picture of a train. Under the flap it says "smoky locomotive". Every time we get to this page Johnny says "holy smokomotive".

And lastly.....Here's a picture of Cookie Jar waving at Johnny during the ultra sound. Johnny was a little disappointed in the ultra sound and stated "when Cookie Jar dies, I'm going to get a boy baby". (applying his "pet" theory). That should tell you the sex of Cookie Jar! Johnny's adjusting to the thought of having a baby sister. As are mommy and daddy; after 5 years of boy energy we can't imagine what we will do!!! Johnny has decided that he'll settle for a boy cat, and wondered if we'd come back to get another ultra sound before we got our cat. (I think daddy can be pregnant with the cat!) Johnny has decided we will call the baby Cookie Jar until she is born and then we will call her by the name we have chosen for her. (I'll give you the first letter - M) Johnny thinks it's a boy name, but really it's not!!! (I figure it will be a fun game and I'll give you 1 letter each time I blog and by December you'll know the name!!!)

Johnny has decided that even though Cookie Jar is a girl, she can still come have sleep overs in his funk beds, she just can't stay there all the time.

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