Friday, September 14, 2007

Back To School

Johnny finished up a fun summer and has returned to school. He's doing another year of preschool and this year he has a new teacher and is going to a new school. His teacher's name is Robin (no she's not a birdy even though Cassidy thought she was when she had her at 3 years old). Johnny was a little confused to learn that his teacher was a girl named Robin. He thought only boys were named Robin, like batman and robin.

Here is his first day of school picture:

We finished up the summer with a family vacation to Seaside, OR. Usually Johnny LOVES the ocean. This year we spent the majority of the trip in the hotel swimming pool. (we realized early on that we could have had the same results vacationing at the super 8 down the street from our house!) In this picture I think Johnny looks like a frog swimming in the water:

Johnny actually touched some sea life at the aquarium:
and he enjoyed a surprise visit from Grammy and Grandpa who were also on their vacation at the ocean:

He did actually spend a little time in the ocean:

And he practiced his superhero poses:

There was an embarrassing moment at the ocean when some unknown child took his pants off and ran down to the ocean, naked. I'm not going to mention what that unknown child did in the ocean, but his parents were ready to leave him there.

Some more big news is that Johnny now has funk beds! He is enjoying them alot and has decided that Cookie Jar can sleep on the bottom "funk". If Cookie Jar sleeps anything like baby Johnny did, Johnny is welcome to have Cookie Jar move in from day 1!!!

We went to the Puyallup fair today and Johnny had fun petting the animals.

Johnny learned something interesting today about Elephant Ears. He asked where daddy was and I told him that he went to get an elephant ear and I pointed to a sign that had a picture of an elephant on it. He pulled on his ears and said "oh, is daddy going to put those kind of ears on?". (gabe did not return with new ears!!!)

We've had to have BOTH bathrooms redone this summer. (it was going to take 10 days but we are now on 6 weeks!) For a time period we had another Island Johnny in the carport and we rigged up our hose to our laundry room and took "showers" in our backyard. Johnny thought this was the most fun ever and periodically asks if he can take a bath outside.

And....I will give you 2 more letters of Cookie Jar's name since I haven't blogged for a while. Your next two letters are A I. Now you have M-A-I. Johnny has come up with tons of middle names...HairEye, Steve, DarkVador, Trooper....the list is endless.

Johnny also enjoyed rides at the fair today!

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