Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Changes

We haven't updated for some time, but we have a good reason...which you will learn later.

Johnny turned 5 on May 20th!!!
He was very excited for his birthday and it finally arrived! He had a wonderful day and couldn't wait for his next school day so that he could do the thing on the playground you can do when you are 5. (a boy in his class showed him) So, he went to school on Tuesday, he waited patiently for recess and he took his teacher out to the playground so she could witness this very cool thing you can do when you are 5, and he slipped and fell on his face and knocked his front tooth loose. After the gums healed the dentist pulled out his tooth, and the tooth fairy came so Johnny was pretty excited.

Unfortunately when you lose your tooth, the finger that you have sucked on for years loses it's flavor. (we hadn't realized this!) So, life has been a little tense while Johnny makes this adjustment to life without sucking on his finger.

Here's a picture of toothless Johnny!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And now for the other big news....
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Johnny's going to be a big brother! (this ultrasound was taken at 7 weeks so the baby really looks like nothing, but Johnny saw this picture and got very excited and said "look! There's his penis!) Johnny has requested that Mommy make him a "baby brother one" or a "baby with a penis". He wants to get "funk beds" so he and his baby brother can sleep together and he wants to sleep on the top "funk bed" and he wants a ladder going up to the top so he can get in and out of bed. Johnny has named the baby Cookie Jar. Johnny's "baby brother" is due December 23rd. Mommy has been really sick, something she didn't have with Johnny, which is why blogging has not occurred.

Johnny and Gabe went on a helicopter ride on fathers day. Johnny LOVED it and cannot wait to go again.

Sadly, we have lost 2 members of our family in the past month. First Johnny's pet hermit crab, Don, died. We aren't really sure what happened we just realized he was much less active then usual. Johnny got a new hermit crab and named him...Don. (very original) This one has a rainbow shell and he is very active.

And...on a sadder note, we had to put Snappy the cat to rest yesterday. Snappy got very sick last week and it appears she ate something poisonous. Her body quickly began shutting down and she was doing horribly. Johnny was very sad, but he understood how sick she was. He has also asked if he can get another cat and name it Snappy. We are hoping to steer him towards a new name. (hopefully one that's not so embarrassing when you are calling for her throughout the neighborhood)

Johnny completed preschool and is excited for his summer vacation. He's going to do another year of preschool before going to kindergarten. He really liked school and learned alot. Here is a picture of Johnny with his bus driver, Bob; whom Johnny really enjoyed.
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Here are some comments Johnny has made in the last few months:
Mama, when is the dr going to rub the camera on your belly so we can see the baby?

Johnny wants to be a scuba diver when he gets older so he can study sharks...
Johnny: When I'm a diver who feeds sharks, what should I feed the sharks?
Daddy: Fish
Johnny: Can I feed them a turkey?

While getting Johnny ready for bed I adjusted his pants and Johnny started laughing and said "Mama, you can't touch me there. Only a veterinarian can." Gabe said "Johnny a veterinarian is an animal dr". and Johnny replied "I penis is an animal".

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