Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Spring!

We interrupt the regular time frame to go back and recap that we went to the Monster Jam Truck show in January. Johnny (and daddy) LOVED IT! It was alot of fun and we got to see the crowd favorite Grave Digger. We've decided that next year we will go to the Pit Party before the show.

Johnny got a bike for Christmas and has been working hard at riding it. From the looks of this picture you'd think he is going really fast, but I think he's standing still!

Johnny still LOVES to swing. He can't get enough. If you recall, Johnny swung at least 8 hours a day as an infant. He might be the only kid on the playground swinging while singing loudly "fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars"...

Johnny dyed easter eggs for the 1st time this year. He had alot of fun and can't wait to dye more. Unfortunately he's decided he no longer likes hard boiled eggs so we have ALOT of eggs at our house!! He enjoyed hunting for eggs and was once again excited to see jelly beans in his eggs. And he got to spend the afternoon playing with Uncle Shawn and Aunt "Bebecca" and he's decided he'd like them to come to his birthday party also!

Johnny has discovered that he can call daddy when he's on the road. Below is a conversation between Johnny and myself...
Mama: Ok...when i give you the phone you can leave daddy a message on his machine
Johnny: "hello daddy's machine. when you are on your trip can you bring me a toy if they have a toystore".

Johnny: mama, i'm not thirsty anymore. i'm all full of thirst and food.

We took Johnny to see the play Frog and Toad today. It was at the performing arts center at SPSCC. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the play but it was really really cute. And Johnny loved it. Before it started we were talking about how we would have to be very quiet when the play started and we would all use our whisper voices. Johnny looked at us and said “when we went to the monster jam play (a fine theater performance!) we had to talk really loud; not whisper”. Then, the play started and they turned the lights off and the music started and Johnny said “daddy I need my flashlight”.

We heard talking coming from his room and Gabe went in and the cat went running out. Johnny said "daddy, snappy was in here. She must have come through one of the holes in the wall". (the holes were about the size of a dime and they were from the remodeling of the house)

Johnny told me that some day he is going to be a "kid in garden". He won't be as big as an adult though...he'll still be a kid when he's a "kid in garden".

Daddy - for Christmas can you buy me a nail gun and a caulking gun?
Daddy - what is your friend's name who has the bald hair?

While listening to Johnny Cash Johnny said "when he fell into the burning ring of fire, I hope the firemen helped him out of the burning ring of fire."

Currently we are all sleeping in the same bed in our living room. Johnny is not very good at sharing the bed and usually spends the night sleeping on my pillow...while I'm still on it! The area where you see his feet - that is where my head is supposed to go.

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