Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thought Bubbles!

Life has been changing so quickly that we haven't had a lot of time to update Johnny's world! And frankly....most of what Johnny talks about right now is not fit for print!

Johnny was very excited to help get Christmas decorations from the attic using the ladder. Johnny wore his elf hat throughout the entire Christmas season. it was too small and mama tried to make him a new one but he wanted nothing to do with it. He instead pass it on to baby Bailey, like he does with all the things he doesn't want. Apparently he thinks his trash will be Bailey's treasures.
Johnny wondered why it didn't snow on Christmas so he could go ice skating. (just like in the TV shows!)
As soon as Christmas ended, Johnny began his list for the next Christmas. He adds to it daily. Right now I think there are probably 12389053908534789 toys on it!

We went to Leavenworth again this January and Johnny loved sledding down the big hill on his "watusky".

Johnny has decided he's going to be a comedian, just like daddy. He's working on some jokes...What do you call a cat in the sand? Sandy Claws! He enjoyed practicing his jokes on the PA system Gabe borrowed.

Work has begun on our new addition. Who says you need walls, or a floor, to play in your house! Johnny is having a great time. The best part is that they delivered a portable toilet (pictured in the back) and it's called an "Island Johnny". Only problem is that Johnny feels this is the toilet he needs to use, so we are constantly putting on our shoes and coats to use the toilet.

Right now, the majority of Johnny's comments are in regards to dying, body parts, what is on his Christmas list, and trying to stay up past bedtime....

Daddy: Do you ever think about what you want to be when you grow up
Johnny: I want to be a daddy!
...a few days later...
Johnny: I don't want it to be a school day today
Daddy: Johnny, you need to go to school to learn
Johnny: No I don't daddy, I'm just going to be a dad when I grow up

Johnny: Mama, you know when it's spring and then my birthday and then summer and then fall and winter and then Christmas again?
Mama: Yes....
Johnny: Will you make sure I don't die before then?

Johnny: Mama....I've got to tell you a question

When it's time for bed, you can always expect to hear Johnny say "sit down Mama (or daddy) and let's talk about some stuff".

Johnny: Well mama, I guess I don't think thoughts
Mama: Yes you do Johnny, everyone does
Johnny: Nope Mama, there are never any clouds and bubble around my head
Mama: Johnny we are going to leave is 5 minutes
Johnny: No...I want to leave in TOO MANY MINUTES

Johnny enjoys getting a special treat for using the toilet. One day daddy made the mistake of telling Johnny he'd gotten him a super special treat for the next time he used the bathroom. Johnny came running in to me and said...
Johnny: ok mama, can i get my special egg now?
Mama: did you poop?
Johnny: no, I'm pretending i did so i can get an egg.
(he hasn't mastered lying yet)

Johnny managed to catch momo's kitty, Cookie, and pick him up. He started purring and Johnny looked at Gabe and said "Daddy!!! Cookie's buzzing!". (usually Snappy runs from him so he never gets the chance to hear her purring...that was probably the first time he ever heard a cat purr!)

Once again, Mommy and Daddy went to a formal Oscar Party. Johnny was pretty mad that we went to Oscar's Birthday Party and didn't take him!

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