Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Johnny has had a very busy month! He's spent a lot of time deciding which Halloween Costume he was best suited for. Here is a short list of ALL the ideas he had...
Pickle, Slug, red power ranger, Green power ranger, Spider, Snake, Cat, Green pumpkin, Bat, Train, Princess, T-Rex, and a Green Stop Sign.

In the end, he was a furry green monster. Mainly because it's what we had here and he never did settle on a costume!

Here's Johnny on Halloween. His facial expression sums up his mood!

There are many many monumental moments in a persons life. Birth, crawling, first steps, first words, first day of school, graduation, college, weddings...And of course FIRST TRIP TO THE TACO WAGON!

Johnny has become obsessed with the Taco Wagon. I have no idea how he learned about this, but there's one near our house. We finally decided to take Johnny. It was better than he ever imagined! He loves it. He was a little disappointed that the taco wagon didn't actually drive us around while we ate, but it was still a very exciting moment!

Last week Johnny spoke the phrase that sums up his personality. "I hate beets. I've never had them before."

Johnny is still enjoying Snappy, although he can be a little rough with her. Here's a picture of a boy sharing milk with his cat. (and yes, you are correct...he's spitting milk at his cat!)

Here is Johnny posing at the pumpkin patch! His preschool class took a field trip there and it was lots of fun!

Some of the funny things Johnny is talking about are:
* Daddy I'm taking special care not to spill my milk

* (In the middle of the night) Daddy will you snuggle me up?

* Even though it's over 7 months away Johnny is planning his birthday party. Only 2 people are invited so it should be easy to plan. For his birthday he wants Diesel (a Thomas train) and that thing you are supposed to whack on your birthday that looks like diesel 10. (a piƱata) "My Karen" and Tracey are the only guests invited to his party.

* The theme at Preschool last week was "Fire Safety". Daddy said "maybe you'll have a firedrill", Johnny got excited and said "I hope I get to use the firedrill". (it does make sense if you think about it through the eyes of a 4 year old boy)

* gabe took johnny to target tonight and they looked at the thomas display. they actually had the toys set up under a case that you could stick your hands in and play with the toys. Johnny sat and played with the diesel, under the case for about 10 minutes. Then said "daddy, is diesel really expensive?" Gabe said kind of, he's $7. Johnny said "is that expensive?"; gabe said kind of. Johnny looked at him and said "daddy, I don't want to go home. Can we just stay here so I can play with this diesel?". Needless to say...Johnny's in bed sleeping with his new diesel train!!!

* The Green one is flavored Lime, the Pink one is flavored pomegranate

* I painted pumpkin pictures at preschool tomorrow.

Now that Halloween is over Johnny is gearing up for "chickengiving"!!!

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