Sunday, September 03, 2006


We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you an Update...

Johnny has a cat!

And no, his hermit crabs didn't die.

We'd like to introduce you to...


(Interesting name choice for a cat! Perfect for a turtle though! Snappy is a girl kitty. Kristi was Johnny's first suggestions of names for a girl kitty; he thought Snappy was a better name!)

Here she is sleeping - Johnny wore her out!

One of mama's friends had a cat they were trying to find a home for...Mama called daddy and asked she could come home. When daddy asked Johnny he said "did my hermit crabs die?". Later Johnny asked mama "are we going to kill my hermit crabs since we got a cat?". They are pretty low maintenance...I think we can handle both the hermit crabs and a cat!

I showed Johnny where Snappy's toilet will be and he said "Well actually Mama, I shouldn't use Snappy's toilet". Good - please don't!

Johnny went fishing for the first time at Momo's this weekend. Here is the cutest picture ever of Daddy and Johnny fishing!

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