Tuesday, August 29, 2006


We have a big announcement.


Johnny has finally gotten his first pets! Hermit crabs. You are looking at a picture of Don and Lightning, the hermit crabs. (don is on the left) A few weeks ago Johnny wanted a cat (named Don of course) but he changed his mind and decided hermit crabs would be better.

We brought them home from the pet store and got their new home set up and Johnny exclaimed "When my hermit crabs die I want to get a cat. Then, when my cat dies I want to get a toy hermit crab". (he's such a sensitive, caring young man!) So far the hermit crabs do...NOTHING...but Johnny is enjoying them.

We took a trip to Seaside, OR and Johnny had fun playing in the sand. He's actually throwing sand in this picture! He loved the large amount of dead animals on the beach. (4 year olds are obsessed with death, can you tell?!?!)
Riding the carousel

Posing with Daddy and "dungeness Crab Sandy" (the new toy crab he got)

And Johnny and Papa mowed the lawn on Papa's tractor.

We are living with the preschool version of Cliff Claven. Johnny LOVES the animal channel and at any moment may tell you that: Crabs regenerate, Alligators eat Turtles, Bears eat fish that are alive when they put them in their mouth but they die when they get to their tummy, if hermit crabs are burying themselves in the sand they are molting, Randy Brown used to drive the Grave Digger Monster Jam Monster truck but now he's driving a different truck; Well actually Todd Frolick doesn't drive Monster Mutt anymore - it's Bobby Z, Didn't you know that Dinosaurs are not afraid of snakes...The list goes on and on and on. ALL DAY LONG. He gets up and begins talking about all the facts he knows and doesn't stop till he goes to bed. Don't even think about trying to take a nap on the couch - you will be bombarded with useless facts.

Recently Johnny saw the Muppet Movie. He calls Gonzo "baby bongo". We tried to correct him but he told us we were the ones who were wrong. It's Baby Bongo.

Johnny loves to pretend he's a pirate. He keeps changing his "pirate name". A few weeks ago he was "Pirate Captain America Washington" (who knows where he got that!), then he was "Pirate Captain Herbie", then "Pirate Captain Chocolate Milk" and currently he is "Barnacle Black Beard".

Men either have beards or lips. All Women just have lips. (apparently if you have a beard you no longer have lips)

For Halloween Johnny has decided he wants to be a slug. Then...next Halloween he wants to be Sammy the Salmon and the next Halloween he wants to be a Hermit Crab . (he's making a lot of important decisions about his future)

We watched a video of Johnny when he was a baby. It was us watching cousin Cassidy in the 4th of July parade. Johnny wanted to know if there was a cannon that year and we laughed and told him he actually slept through it. (one of the only times he slept through anything!) He wanted to watch the cannon on the video tape but we didn't record it. He then wanted me to keep "forwinding" the tape until it got to the cannon part so then I could record it so he could watch it. The concept of home movies is very confusing to a 4 year old.

Johnny has been sleeping in a bed for about 6 months now and has yet to get out of the bed on his own. Every morning he wakes up yelling "mama, daddy...is it morning now? Come get me!". He really won't get out of the bed until we come in and pick him up. I really wish we'd known this about him - we could have trained him to do a lot!!!

Johnny will be starting preschool in September. He's excited to learn about animals; but really wishes that mommy could go to school with him. It should be interesting!

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