Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Johnny has just completed his first day of preschool. He LOVED it! After much preparing that mommy will not be going to school with him he did better than we could have dreamed of. I took him to school and he met his teacher and waved at me and said "bye mama". And I left. Amazing. I picked him up and he said "Mama! I want to ride the bus". So, tomorrow he's riding the bus home from school. Last week Johnny asked me if he could go back into my tummy. Today he's had his first taste of time away from me and he can't wait to run further. At school his teacher read him a story about someone who lived in "mistersippy".

This is the obligatory first day of school photo taken by the front day with your new school bag. You may also notice Johnny's new hairstyle. He went to the stylist and requested a mohawk. We couldn't believe he actually wanted a haircut!!!

How did he get so grown up?

Snappy is doing well. Johnny is getting over his jealousy of her. (when you have no siblings you find funny things to have rivalry over!) She loves to watch Johnny take his bath.

WANTED: A New Mama JOB SKILLS REQUIRED: Willing to let her son have a pet snake
We have a friend who has a pet snake. (gak! can you imagine!?!?) Johnny finally talked mommy into going back and looking at the snake in it's cage. (if you are receiving this I'm assuming you know me and are aware of my EXTREMELY SEVERE snake phobia) It was ok looking at the snake (gross and vile but I survived). On the way home Johnny said "mama, for my next pet I want a pet snake". I'm not going to lie to him so I told him that we probably will never have a pet snake because I don't like them. Johnny's response..."for my next mama, I want a mama who will let me get a pet snake". My response is not fit to type!!!

Sometimes Johnny shares his blanket with Snappy. How sweet is that!

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