Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mommy! You're melting!

We had a really rare March snow day. We quickly got Johnny dressed so he could go check on the quarry to see how it survived the freeze. The snow melted by afternoon, which prompted discussions of what exactly is melting.

Today I was getting out of the shower and Johnny saw me and ran over and touched some water on my leg and said "oh no Mommy! You're melting!"

FINALLY! MY DREAM COME TRUE! Someone to play Barbie's with. (ok, I'll confess. Johnny found the car and wanted to play with it. I stuck the barbie in the car and took a quick picture before he noticed. As soon as the picture ended Barbie got tossed across the room!)

Some Pictures of Johnny at Kindergym.

He loves to run up the ramp and jump off the block while flapping his arms like a bird. He thinks he's flying! And of course, his "twin brother" George goes almost everywhere with him.

Mommy and Daddy went to an Oscar party. Johnny was pretty mad that we went to Oscar the Grouch's birthday party and didn't invite him. He's still a little confused and doesn't really trust us when we tell him it really wasn't Oscar's birthday party!

Recent funny sayings:
An NBA Basketball game happened to be on TV. Johnny looked up and was very surprised and said "hey! I don't think that's MY basketball movie!".

Last week I asked Johnny if he can hop on one foot. He looked at me and said "yep!" and jumped up and landed with one foot on top of the other. Then he said "now I will hop on your foot mama". He still doesn't understand what I was asking him to do, but thinks it's kind of funny to jump and land with one foot on top of the other.

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