Thursday, February 09, 2006

February Johnny

It was a week of firsts for Johnny!!!

Johnny took his pictures. He got ahold of mommy's new camera and took a few self portraits. I've actually never thought to take a picture of my teeth!!! That's what Johnny was attempting.

Johnny played on the computer all by himself, for the first time. He enjoys "raking" the mouse. (using the mouse to rake leaves on his elmo game)

Johnny played in his first basketball game. He enjoyed himself and actually passed the ball to one of his teammates. We're sending him up to the Sonics next week. They seem to need his help!!

The cutest picture ever!!!

Gabe hung our bikes on the wall. Johnny saw this and came running over with his big wheel insisting on hanging it also.

Johnny with his favorite uncle! (sorry guys-no one is as much fun as Joel)

Recent Quotes From Johnny
(handing Grammie a car) "Grammie, put on your glasses so you can read this car".

Johnny and Gabe were discussing their First, Middle and Last names...
Gabe: "Johnny, if you had a son what would you name him?".
Johnny: "WALKIE TALKIE". (let's hope he doesn't reproduce anytime soon!)

Johnny:"I am looking for that guy with black hair called Daddy".

Johnny and Mommy were walking by the lingerie department at Fred Meyer. Johnny ran up to a bra, put his hands on it and yelled "MAMA! YOU HAVE THESE!". (mama wanted to drop through the floor!)

Johnny and daddy were discussing Herbie Fully Loaded and Herbie's girlfriend in the movie...
Daddy: "Johnny do you have a girlfriend"?
Johnny: "yes"
Daddy:"what's her name"?
Johnny:"Mama" ( heart is melting)

Johnny doesn't like to wear clothes around our house. When he wants his shirt off he says "I want to wear my tummy". If he wants to take his pants off he says "I want to wear my knees".

You may remember that Johnny had curly hair before he was 1. He recently came running in and said "mama, come look at this picture"; then proceed to show me a picture of himself when he was 6 months old and had a curly little poof on top of his head. He proclaimed "Look mama, that Baby Johnny has a big pile of hair on his head".

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