Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Johnny is 4!!!

By the end of the Cake ordering season Johnny was hoping for a lightening mcqueen cake with curious george driving and a "bone" dinosaur sculpture and a little red button and when he pushed the button the bone dinosaur would crumble and the cake would explode. (We settled for a birthday cake with trucks on it.) When we told Johnny his birthday was coming up we asked what kind of party he wanted and he told us he was really hoping for a "purprise" party.

We haven't blogged for a while. To be honest - most of the comments he's made recently aren't fit for print! And why does he feel the need to make these comments when we are in the locker room at the YMCA! Couldn't he ask about anatomy at home?

We took a Rutledge family vacation to Maui. Johnny enjoyed getting back to the beach and took care of some much needed work in the sand.

Gabe thinks this photos speaks of Johnny's lack of toilet training

Johnny discovered Gabe's drum set and is in love! Three Blind Mice with an excellent beat can be heard throughout our neighborhood.

And now the birthday boy eating cake!

Johnny with his presents! He wasn't ready to share the red car (lightening mcqueen) and he put it away before his party and can't find it!!! We've looked everywhere!

And last - I like to call this his 4 year old portrait!! He's wearing his tummy for this picture!

Here are some of the quotes I can share with you!
* Baby Bailey got a new "bumbrella" stroller
* The little mermaid took of her tail to get feet
* I want to go to Alberlesschwab (the 2 stores he's obsessed with)
* For his birthday Johnny got a "Mokum Patwol" Herbie (remote control)
* Are we going there "Tomorrow Today". (we still aren't entirely sure of the meaning behind this)
* Knives are SARP mama
* Johnny's good friends are Sawn and JennaWEE and her big sister BEbecca
* I am a "bechanit" and I will fix the car
* Johnny really likes the dinosaurus rex
* I want to take off my clothes and wear my butt
* Mama! I will purprise you!
* I am dark vador
* Gabe and Johnny go to a restaurant that has a poster of "dark" vador and Johnny * loves to say, in his deepest voice, "luke. I am yo fodder"
* Johnny loves to watch "Snesame" Street
* Johnny what are you doing? (pulling his hand into his shirt sleeve) My hand is hiding from my gas
* Gabe finished his beverage and Johnny asked "did you dronk it daddy?"
* (while walking down the street) daddy - you are a nice fella!
* Johnny likes to have his beverages warmed to "warmer". This is an actual temperature. I think it can best be described as 30 seconds in the microwave. If something is to hot he will ask you to make it "warmer". This doesn't mean to make the temperature warmer - it means to cool it down so it is back to his "warmer" temperature.

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shane said...

Happy Birthday Johnny! We're all glad you made it this far. Hope to see you soon! (don't forget to change the 3's on your blog!)