Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Air Johnny!

Johnny has begun his basketball career! He started "Itty Bitty" Basketball on Tuesday night. Johnny will be playing for The Bulldogs and training under Coach Scott. He is excited for the season and hopes to see his team do well. Ok, actually he just wants to go back to practice! He can't believe he has to wait till next week to play again.

Johnny showing his moves! (luckily they don't call traveling in this league)

Earlier in the month we took a trip to Leavenworth so that Johnny could play in the snow. He enjoyed it and even did a little sledding on the sled that his friend Valerina (mommy's friend Valerie) loaned him.

We made a snowman, but he took daddy's hat!



We only have garbage pick up twice a month. During Christmas our garbage got a little full so we borrowed momo and papa's car to take some to the dump. Johnny saw their car at our house and exclaimed "oh! We are borrowing momo and papa's car!". Then he saw daddy loading in the garbage and said "oh! Momo and papa are borrowing our garbage!". (if they want, they are welcome to keep our garbage!)

On our trip Johnny witnessed a rare moment of mommy drying her hair. He came running in to the bathroom yelling "look out mama! It's a cyborg!".

Johnny came into see me in the office and said "I'm looking for my friend named daddy, I want to play with him".

On my birthday Johnny was kind enough to greet me with a happy birthday greeting of "my diaper is a real stinker!".

Johnny is still loving his new bed, but ssshhh!!! Don't tell him that he can actually get out of this bed on his own. In the morning he calls for us until we come and pick him up out of his bed!

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Meghann said...

The Air Johnny photo is SO cute! Can I have his autograph? I think it's wonderful you and Gabe are letting him participate in team sports at such a young age. You guys are great parents!