Sunday, August 07, 2005

Johnny's going back in

Today Johnny and I were discussing that he lived in mommy's tummy before he was born. Johnny told me he wanted to go back into mommy's tummy and climbed into my shirt. I actually had a hard time getting him out! (Just like his birth; he didn't want to leave!)

Johnny and daddy have been playing on his junglegym. He finally figured out how to climb it. So did Johnny!

Last week Johnny went to Chuck E. Cheese and we posed for a photo together!

Johnny has some very big news to share. Even though he told us he never wanted to use the toilet; last week he did for the first time. We haven't had a repeat performance but it gave us a glimmer of hope that he may be out of diapers before he goes to college!

Johnny went to dinner this evening and had cheesadillas and frolees. Or as we call them Quesadilla's and Frijoles (beans).

When Johnny's hides from you and you find him he says "Here I are". In the morning, after he yells for mommy and daddy to wake up, he yells "I'm up. Open up Me".

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