Friday, August 19, 2005


Johnny went on vacation!


We spent 2 days in Ocean Shores, WA and Johnny had a blast. He loved running through the puddle (tide pool on the beach); digging in the sandbox (the beach) and relaxing in the hot tub at the hotel. Johnny, who's delicate body requires the bath water to be the perfect temperature, loved the hot tub.

We had one minor problem when Johnny buried his blue car so deep that mommy and daddy couldn't find it. We still can't figure out how he could have buried something that deep, we practically dug up the entire beach looking for it. Johnny has accepted the fact that his blue car is still in the sandbox (beach) and the seagulls are playing with it. And, occasionally he says we will go back and get it.

Here are some pictures to mark the occasion

Sitting with buried feet

Daddy and Johnny in the ocean

Standing with buried feet

Exhausted after the trip

On a sad note...Johnny now says "here I am" when we play peek a boo. I knew he'd grow up eventually but I sure will miss him saying "here I are".

And for are some pictures of Johnny in his youth!

Here he is laughing while his parents shake and shove toys at him hoping to distract him from his reflux (2½ months)

I always thought he looked like he was thinking about something really important in this photo. (2 months)

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