Friday, July 29, 2005

Johnny's Frog

Today Johnny went to build a bear with his cousins. According to Johnny, he built a "Buzz Light Year Frog Bear" which he named "To Infinity and Beyond"

Thanks to the wonders of computers Johnny's cheap parents were able to get a pictures of Johnny with Thomas from his day out with Thomas. Our friend John combined two pictures to make one portrait! (Johnny thinks his friend Sean made this picture. He's really impressed since Sean is on 2½. He also thought that was really nice of him!)

It seems that Johnny isn't the only person to enjoy his blankets. Uncle Joel enjoyed snuggling with them also. Yet another reason why they get along so well!

Recently Grammie and Grandpa got a delivery from the "P.U.S." truck, as Johnny calls it!

Johnny hurt mommy and daddy said "Johnny, what could you do to make mommy feel better?" So, he came over to mommy and began touching her all over and said "I'm feeling mommy better."

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