Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Day Out With Thomas

Today Johnny went to "A Day Out with Thomas" and took a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. There were alot different activities and toys to play with, which Johnny totally enjoyed. Before bed Johnny informed me that "we will go see Thomas again tomorrow".

Since our last posting Johnny celebrated the 4th of July and got his first taste of fireworks. He spent the day very confused because he learned that people would be throwing firecrackers into the air; he didn't understand why anyone would throw their crackers in the air, he eats his crackers. The actual firework display scared Johnny pretty badly and we only watched about 10 seconds before he began screaming "I want to go home". We don't think he is traumatized; but he's still confused as to why anyone would throw their crackers into the air.

Funny things Johnny has recently said:

(while Gabe was watching a video clip of himself on the internet) - "Oh, you are watching my friend Gabe tell jokes"

Johnny: Mama, can you get me my Harold Helicopter
Mama: In a minute
Johnny: How about in a now

Mama will you forwind my truck movie?

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