Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Required Ear Tubes Have Been Issued

Today, Olive received her Rutledge required ear tubes.  She had Bilateral Myringotomy because she has had repeated ear infections in a short amount of time.
On a side note, she is 10 months.  Pictures will be posted later.  My apologies to myself for failing miserably at keeping this blog updated.  My life is more overwhelming than I could ever imagine possible.  Basically every area of my life has been given the same status as this blog.
 This evening Olive seems to be feeling well.  She's always really happy, so I can't say I notice a difference in that area.  She sleeps horribly, so I'm hoping this may help.  (I can dream!)  She fell asleep in my arms tonight, I'm hoping this means that the Dr slipped some type of sleep inducing drug through her ear tube!

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