Monday, September 12, 2011

On the 3rd Day of the 3rd Grade...

Johnny started 3rd Grade!

His teacher is Mrs. Barber and so far, she's the coolest teacher ever. 

 Johnny got off the bus on the first day of school and said "I have a couple of good things and a some bad things to tell you.  AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO TELL ANYONE THE BAD THINGS because I really don't care about them".

1.  This kid had an angry birds shirt and I asked him about one of the birds and he said "You disgust me".  (Johnny and I couldn't figure out why this boy had such a strong response)
2.  Ethan B. said daddy is an idiot because he can't beat level 3 in Angry Birds Rio.  That's harsh!  I'll bet daddy could beat it if he played it more.
And the GOOD THINGS....
Our teacher gave us root beer!  And we are doing that experiment with the gummy bear that we did this summer so I already know how it ends; but don't worry, I didn't spoil it for anyone.
RJ got in trouble.  First he got a warning for saying "shut up" and then he got in trouble for saying "holy crap".
Johnny insisted on posing with Olive.  He's so in love with her right now!
On the 2nd day of school he got off the bus and told me that his teacher gave them gobstoppers and they are doing an experiment with them!  And RJ got in trouble for saying fart.
On the 3rd day he got off the bus and told me that their teacher gave them Coke and guess what!  Coke is GOOD!  They are doing an experiment with coke and mentos.  And RJ got in trouble for coming in 7 minutes late from recess.

All in all it was a great week.  Johnny drew some pictures of spongebob, squidward, patrick and plankton.  And they were pretty good.  I actually thought he'd traced them.

Maisy missed Johnny during the school days.  She missed her favorite play toy that she bites and kicks and pinches and chases around the house and steals his toys.  She's tried to use me for these tricks, but I'm not as agreeable as Johnny is.  She starts preschool on Tuesday and I'm hoping that helps give her a little "direction"!

Maisy is currently in an inappropriate phase!  Today she ordered me to the kitchen and said "mama!  Get me my water!".  I replied with "Maisy, how would be a nice way to ask".  So she rephrased and said "Mama, can you please get me my water?".  Later she came up to me and said "Mama! I'm going to rip your phase off!".  I said "Maisy, we don't talk like that, it isn't nice talk."  She she said "Mama!  Please I'm going to rip your face off.".  She's really a delicate little flower!  (I'm really hoping she doesn't embarrass us at preschool!)

Johnny said to me "I don't get it mom.  Daddy's funny, but he's not THAT funny".

I'm hoping this positive first week of school will set a nice tone for the year.

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