Wednesday, August 03, 2011

3 Months!

Hard to believe that 3 months have past since Olive was born!  She is the perfect addition to our family.  So sweet and calm.  She sleeps pretty good too!  Definitely different from her siblings!

She's working on rolling from her back to her stomach, having mastered the other direction after 2 weeks of life!  She's likes to hold things in her hands and is very engaging!  If she catches your eye she will smile and laugh.  She is also doing a little bit of a social coughing as a way of communicating with people.  It's very adorable and she looks so proud of herself!

Like I said, she's sleeping pretty well.  She usually eats twice a night and, most often, sleeps till about 10:00 am.  (thank you Olive for agreeing with our families routine of not being morning people!)

Her hair is coming in nice and high!  It's got some blond and red highlights in it, but there's not enough hair to tell exactly what color it will be.  Early in my pregnancy with Olive I had a very vivid dream that my baby would be a girl with bright red hair.  Everytime we see red in her hair it makes us smile!

Maisy LOVES to help care for Olive!  (don't worry, those are my hands in the back)

Olive and her friend Parker!  Parker is the little sister to Maisy's friend Brynn; she was born in December.
Johnny is absolutely in love with Olive.  He walks around saying "How did Olive get SSSOOOO cute?".  He thinks she is the best sister ever and can't wait to be with her every day.  It's very sweet!
Maisy loves to "carry" Olive.  She needs a little work on her dismount as she isn't always the most gentle with Olive.

Olive has terrible gas.  Awful, horrible gas.  The kind that makes people give her back to me because they can't stand the smell.  Everyone is certain she needs a new diaper, but it is never the case!  Maisy walks around saying "Olive is a stinky, stinky baby".

She finally has a nickname!  We usually end up calling her "Little O".  Johnny was "The Beaver", Maisy was (and still is) "Cakes" and now Olive is "Little O".

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