Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucky Number Eleven!

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary...our steel anniversary! Gabe and I don't exchange presents so we don't really pay attention to the traditional gifts we are supposed to be giving. We actually quit exchanging cards a few years ago. Instead we exchange verbal cards. We tell each other what the card would have said had we actually bought one...usually the corniest love card you can think of. Sometimes the verbal cards have been known to have singing, but we got funny looks at the restaurant so we have to control ourselves.
Gabe and I always laugh at our wedding. The day had many comical factors to it, but some aren't appropriate to share here!
So I will settle for one of my favorites....
The priest just "introduced" us to the guests (whom had never been told to sit down after the brides arrival and had been standing for 30 minutes); Gabe and I kissed and walked down the aisle to leave the church and my new husband whispered, through smiling teeth, (actually this is what I heard him whisper) "You have bad breath". I was astonished. I love you too dear, glad I married you! After I uttered back a choice reply through smiling teeth (again, not suitable to type here), I quickly realized that he'd actually said "The priest had bad breath". (he was right too - it was absolutely awful) I then realized my first words to my new husband were less than polite! What a way to start off a marriage!
Oh well, so far it's made us laugh! And 11 years later, here we are. Back to sharing our anniversary with the Lakefair parade, just like our wedding day. (people actually declined our wedding invitation because they wanted to see the lakefair parade! How low do we stand that the Lakefair parade ranks higher than our wedding?!?!)
I don't typically get all smooshy here, but I will today. Gabe makes me whole. When he's gone I feel like I'm missing part of my body. I can never quite tell where I leave off and Gabe starts. So, I hope we have many more anniversaries or I'll spend alot of time feeling really lost.

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the Richardsons said...

Happy anniversary, y'all! Your wedding day sounds like a hoot. At least you can laugh about it!