Monday, July 28, 2008

7 Months

Maisy is now 7 months old
(5 months till case you are counting!)
She finally seems to have this nursing thing down. Phew! She makes the sign for milk, and sometimes we think she might actually know what she's saying! She still has no interest in "solid" food. Why is it called solid? there is nothing solid about it!

She's very mobile and very active. She twists and scoots and rolls around the room moving from toy to toy. Her legs are constantly moving. We're pretty certain she is practicing for Riverdance. She's getting very close to crawling and has taken a few "steps". I'm trying to figure out some type of a weighted blanket that will keep her down. (with your 2nd child, you want to keep them immobile as long as possible! More movement means I have to pay more attention to what's on the floor!) She rubs her eyes when she is tired, which is adorable!

This is not how Maisy was put down to bed, but she rolled over before we went to get her. This was a really funny moment in Johnny's life. We went into get him up from his nap and he was laying on his stomach, laughing so hard, like he'd done the funniest thing ever. Maisy seems pretty pleased with herself as well! (Here is Johnny the first time he rolled over in his crib!)

We've taken a few trips to the Pacific Science Center. First Johnny went with Momo and then we all went a few weeks later. Johnny insisted we recreate the day he had with Momo and he made us do everything in the same order. We went in the butterfly exhibit and Johnny spent the remainder of the day thinking there was a butterfly stuck in his shoe and kept taking his shoe off to check. (there wasn't!)

Here is Maisy the baby and Maizey the snake! Both seem to be sleeping

This is Maisy and her BFF Solomé (Best Friends Forever). Solomé is the baby sister of Johnny's buddy Zoë. Maisy and Solomé enjoy playing with each other and squeal when they see each other. Solomé doesn't even get mad when Maisy steals her toys!

6 year old and 6 month old photo shoot...

Johnny sprained his ankle on the 4th of July. We went to the dr and he returned home and said "I sprinkled my foot". (he's fine now...he was healed pretty quick!)

Johnny likes his toys to sit with him when he reads books before bed, but insists upon them leaving while he sleeps. I asked him why they couldn't stay and he said "oh Mama! I can't bring my dino to bed, then I'd have too much playtime".

Daddy: Johnny you need to be mellow
Johnny: I can't be mellow Daddy. I'm not mellow, I'm rock on.

Johnny recently began talking to Gabe on the phone when Gabe is travelling. He will bring me the phone and say "I want to talk to the Daddy in the phone". He brings the phone all over the house with him and plays exactly how he would play with daddy if daddy were home, only daddy is on the phone. He takes the phone to the swing set and plays, runs around the yard, hides under the covers in bed, all with the phone.

Johnny likes to play a game where he and Gabe are pretending to be super heroes. Johnny calls these "be the guy games". Sometimes Maisy gets to play but Johnny says that she is playing in "boy mode" and pretends she's a boy. (I hope this doesn't giver her a complex!)
And last, Maisy LOVES her jumparoo. She goes nuts on it! She can't get enough. I've put her in it and realized, an hour later, that she was still jumping. Here is a video of her jumping.


Kim said...

Go Maisy Go!! That girl can jump!!

the Richardsons said...

The jumperoo footage made me smile! Except for her flailing her arms, she looks like she's prepping for Riverdance again!
Sweet bro/sis photo. They are such cuties.