Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Summer!

Summertime at the Rutledge house has arrived! Johnny played on the slip 'n slide, created his own little water park, played in his pool, played on his new playground, dug in the dirt, trimmed the hedges and ate the few ripe raspberries in our crop. And that was just today!!!
The other day Johnny fell down and told me he hurt his "foot wrist" (his ankle I think!)

Johnny had a rare drink of orange soda and he told me "mama! Orange soda tastes like love"!

This is a picture of a cat who is lucky to be alive.
Last week this cat was responsible for much chaos and unrest in our house. Mommy was feeding Maisy in her bedroom and Johnny yelled "HEY GUYS! You HAVE GOT to come see this! Don is playing with something that isn't really a toy. It's a REAL LIVE mouse!". Don proceeded to play with his mouse and let it go in our kitchen. This is Don sleeping while the mouse is in our kitchen cupboards. Every time Don got near his mouse he played with it. He never understood that cats are supposed to kill mice. Not just play with them. Thankfully Daddy, the great mouse hunter, took care of our little problem. (in case you were wondering...Yes, you can stand on the island in our kitchen. It will hold the weight of an adult. Especially one that leaves her baby on the floor and jumps onto the island screaming to her husband to get the mouse so it doesn't get her baby. Apparently the mother bear instinct skipped me! It's every woman for herself!)
Maisy had a bath this evening and her hair got a little fluffy!
When we found out about Johnny one of the first things we bought for him was this Mariner's Hat. Now Maisy gets to wear it also!

One more after bath photo...

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