Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 Months!

Maisy is 2 months old!
She's doing well. She's adjusting to life with the Rutledge's. She still looks at us like she is very unsure of us. She's starting to wake up a little. Maybe 20 minutes every 5 or 6 hours. She still probably sleeps 18 hours a day. Don the cat thinks this is a great arrangement..someone in the house who sleeps as much as he does.

She enjoys looking at her toy bird that her buddy Luca loaned her. Johnny has decided the birds name is Bob.

The Rutledge family would like to apologize to the tax payers of the city. Johnny taught his preschool class how to print from the computer. The next day, new computer rules were implemented in his preschool class.
Johnny went roller skating for the first time and had a great time. A few weeks later cousin Bailey came down and they roller skated together. I was stunned to see that Skateland is exactly the same. The same man who ran the place when I was a kid is STILL there! Bailey saw baby Maisy and proclaimed "it's the baby Jesus". (being 2 and just having celebrated Christmas, it makes perfect sense. Maisy seemed to feel like she was finally getting the respect she deserved!)

LOOK! Daddy and Maisy have matching hair!

Johnny has decided he would like to marry Maisy when he gets older. He thinks that Mommy and Daddy used to be sister and brother before we got married also.

We'll finish off with a picture of Maisy in her cupcake hat that mama made her.

And...quite possibly the funniest picture of a baby ever. I think this is one of those photos I'm not supposed to share because my daughter looks so goofy, but it's far to funny to keep to myself!

Getting ready for bed...Johnny insists that Maisy wants to listen to his stories and see that he gets tucked in properly.

And....a video of Maisy's life so far!

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