Friday, January 18, 2008

4 Weeks!

Can you believe it’s been 1 month? It’s gone so fast. So far, Gabe and I are pretty certain Maisy thinks we are weird. She gives us a look like “how did I end up with you people”.
Johnny LOVES her and wants her to be a part of everything. Sadly, I doubt Maisy cares what Johnny is doing in the bathroom.

Once again Johnny helped Daddy put the Christmas decorations away in the attic...a highlight of the year! Don thinks he helped also!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Maisy. I think you aren't supposed to show people pictures of your baby screaming, so that it looks like your child is perfect and never cries. But, this picture makes me smile! She looks so irritated at me for taking so many photos. (she probably has a right!)

A rare moment where she smiled at us!

Johnny loving Maisy. He's going to kiss her...not bite her!

Johnny got this for christmas...the best invention ever - the "Smart Cycle"! It's a video game that kids have to pedal to play. Sometimes Johnn will pedal while he watches tv. Johnny spends 90% of his day jumping off couches and chairs and running through our house, so adding the bicycling is really just ensuring that he falls asleep as soon as he hits the pillow. It's wonderful!

While discussing the Seahawks game Johnny told us he was going to root for Jay Gwire. His friend Michael said to say "GO JAY GWIRES"!!!

On Christmas day Johnny said "mama, who do you like best? Me or Maisy?". I told him that I loved him and Maisy both the same. He replied "oh...I really wanted you to say you liked me the best".

After 1 week with his sister, Johnny declared "My sister is a poop machine"!!

On Christmas morning Johnny awoke and eagerly stated that he wanted to make sure Maisy opened the first present. It was adorable. He got her a Christmas Barbie doll and "helped" her open it. We actually had to make him open some of his presents. He just wanted Maisy to open presents.

Johnny was playing with some spray foam soap in the bathtub and I walked by and saw it on the ceiling and remarked "Wow got soap all the way up to the ceiling"; Johnny said "Is that ok?" and I said yes. His response..."Good, 'cuz if it wasn't I wasn't gonna say I didn't meant to".

Since it's January, Johnny has realized the importance to begin thinking of his ideas for Halloween costumes...First thought - the Easter bunny, then he changed his mind and wanted to be a Caterpillar; then a lizard; currently a t-Rex.

Gabe: Johnny do you think your sister is a dinosaur?
Johnny: Yep!
Gabe: What kind?
Johnny: A bonehead dinosaur.

Johnny came home and said "today at school President Woods talked on the microphone and told us to have a snowball drill. We didn't do good the 1st time; but the 2nd time he said we did good, and the 3rd time we did good but he didn't tell us". (interpretation - Mr. Woods, the principal, got on the intercom and had the school do an earthquake drill)

While waiting for a tv show to begin, a different show was finishing up. Johnny went running out of the room and I said "Johnny, where are you going?", he yelled "I don't know if I'm allowed to watch this". I wish he would police himself forever, but I don't think it will last.

Gabe: Johnny, did Maisy cry alot last night?
Johnny: I don't know, you should ask Mama 'cuz she's the one that takes care of her
Gabe: Oh..well Mama said that Maisy cried alot
Johnny: Ya...I thought so too; but I didn't want to say anything.

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