Monday, December 17, 2007

I'd be more excited....

Just 6 more days till Cookie Jar's due date. We'll see if her punctuality is any better than Johnny's!!!

I recently asked Johnny if he was excited to meet Cookie Jar and he said "I'd be more excited if we were bringing a baby brother home instead of a sister". At least he's honest!

Johnny enjoyed Halloween. He dressed up like a Storm Trooper and enjoyed trick or treating with his friends. He would leave the houses and say "I said three things! Trick or Treat, Thank you and Happy Halloween!". After about 4 houses he decided he'd gotten enough candy and was ready to finish. He did keep going though, since his friends weren't quite done!

As soon as Halloween was over Johnny said "This year for Thanksgiving I want to eat Fish". I explained that we usually eat Turkey and he said "maybe we could have Roast Beast instead". He learned a song about Turkey's at preschool and we LOVED hearing him sing it.

Johnny is enjoying jumping off the couch and having us take pictures while he's in the air. He's really not as close to the cat as it looks in this photo!

Don continues to be the naughtiest cat ever. He spends alot of his day in "time out" in the laundry room. Johnny's pretty sure that Don will wake up Christmas morning to find coal in his stocking. A few weeks ago he got outside and went next door and attacked the neighbors dog. Johnny loves him though. I think mostly because he gets to correct Don and "tell" on him. He's not used to the power! This picture is of Gabe getting Christmas supplies from the attic and Don "helping".

We picked out our Christmas tree and as usual Johnny wanted us to get this one.

Luckily we were able to convince him to look for something more suitable for our house.

Last weekend we had our annual Hirstula making party with Momo, Bailey, Kim and Adam. Johnny and Bailey were very helpful this year by cracking the eggs. (sorry if you were the recipient of the crunchy hirstula) And they enjoyed playing in the flour.

And now we are just waiting for Christmas and Cookie Jar. I wonder which will arrive first!!!

Since we only have one letter left to go we'll let you know her whole name...

After much debating between Gabe, Johnny and myself...

We decided against Mais* Christmas Rutledge and Mais* Fa La La La La La La La Rutledge and Mais* Johnny Gabriel Rutledge (I wonder who wanted that!!!)


We're all waiting for her, so hopefully she'll come visit soon!

And Johnny has given us strict orders that as soon as she gets out we need to make a boy baby so he can have a brother. (In my parenting class we learned that we should let our children "dream"; so I just nodded and smiled.)

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