Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Don!

We've added to our family. Meet DON. Our cat! Johnny named him.
He's a good cat, except he's very much a frisky kitten. Gabe and I find ourselves getting upset with him as he's scratching at us and saying "DONALD STOP". Then I feel silly because I had an Uncle named Donald and my brain instantly goes to a picture of him and I'm yelling at him to stop scratching at me. (To my knowledge, Uncle Donald didn't scratch or bite anyone!) Johnny is enjoying our cat, his favorite thing is spraying him with the spray bottle when he's naughty. You also might remember that we have a hermit crab named Don. Luckily, there hasn't been too much confusion between the pets as to who we are calling! (Johnny must really like this name!)

We've just returned from a trip to Canada and Johnny wore his Halloween costume the entire weekend. Last year, we had to bribe him to put on his costume. This year, we have to bribe him to take it off so we can wash it!

We are working on the baby's room. We put the crib in it and Johnny got in and quickly proclaimed "this is starting to look like a room. Now all it needs is Cookie Jar and then it will be complete".

We went to the pumpkin patch this week. Johnny enjoyed picking out his pumpkin and squashing the rotten ones. It was totally gross and he couldn't get enough!

Recently overheard from Johnny...

Mama...every letter makes a sound. I learned that from a toy at Twacey's.

Mama:Johnny, what should Cookie Jar's middle name be?
Johnny: Grandpa

I had a dream that I couldn't find baby Bailey and then I found her and she was under a pile of clothes. (sadly, in our house that is entirely possible!!!)

Mama: Johnny you are going to go over and play with Grandpa. Grammie is going out so it will be just you and grandpa.
Johnny: Who will take care of us? (I didn't realize he thought Granpa was a kid also)

Johnny: Today I was person of the day. I got to put the number up in the squares and I got to pick the song to sing. I picked The cookie Jar song.

Daddy: Teacher robin's husband got bit by a bug
Johnny: you mean the president?
Daddy: no....
Johnny: the president came in while I was eating at school one time
Daddy: you mean the principal?
Johnny: Yes, President Woods
Daddy: mean Principal Woods?
Johnny: Yes. Is that teacher Robin's husband? Did he get bit by a spider?
(i think this is how rumors get started!)

While at Home Depot recently, we got Johnny a 'Dollar Dog Meal'. It came with a soda. This was the first time he'd ever had soda and he proclaimed (quite loudly for everyone to hear) "WOW! THIS TASTES BETTER THAN BEER!" (seriously, he doesn't drink beer) Since this incident he's been fascinated with beer, soda and bars. He's having a hard time grasping the concept that there are certain drinks that you have to be an adult to drink and places you have to be an adult to go. And he knows that soda is a special drink, but you don't have to be an adult to drink it, just a bigger kid. Not baby Bailey's age kid - she can't have soda; but Cassidy and Alex are old enough to have soda.

And now...another letter on the name! M*A*I*S* We are almost there!!!

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