Saturday, July 08, 2006


He said he never wanted to do THAT... Mommy and Daddy were afraid he'd picked up on our apathy and really taken it to heart...But...

You are looking at a picture of a boy in underwear!

We knew that he wouldn't go to school in diapers and we just figured we would let nature take it's course and he could determine when he wanted to use the toilet and he finally did!!! He's decided he gets 3 swedish fish whenever he uses it and we are ok with that! Often we walk down to the neighborhood store the "PIST OP" (it's actually called the Pit Stop) to buy his fish. But, the best part is how proud he is of himself.

Happy 4th of July from Johnny! He wore his Mohawk for the celebrations. We watched the local parade and saw a van decorated like a cow. They were dropping cow pies out the back window. Johnny came home and immediately got out his cow truck and drove it around our house dropping little cow pies. If you ask how he liked the parade he will tell you about he cow van over and over again!

Johnny went to the zoo and a shark ate him!

He saw a polar bear playing on a bucket and exclaimed "Daddy! I didn't know Polar Bears liked to play with plastic buckets!"

As we were looking at the top of the aquarium tank Johnny reminded daddy to "be careful not to fall in".

Right now Johnny is very into watching Animal Planet. He loves every show on there, but his favorite is definitely the Crocodile Hunter which he loves to reenact in our back yard!

Johnny hasn't gotten really polite and enjoys saying "No thanks, but thank you for offering". It gets a little frustrating when he asks for something and says this after you bring it to him!!!

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