Sunday, June 25, 2006


Summer has begun and Johnny has found himself a new friend! Snappy the "croco-ile". Johnny is in love with him. He has a funny way of expressing his love. This poor crocodile really takes it in the shorts! He's constantly being eaten or crushed or run over or poked!

Taking Snappy for a drive

Johnny's life is finally complete...for now! He used some of his birthday money and bought a sand "circle" (it's not a box mama!) He was so excited and spent the entire day in his sand circle and completed some much needed road work.

And here is Johnny in the cooler. We asked if he wanted us to pour some ice in with him and he said "no daddy, just pour me into the cooler".

After watching the preview for 6 months Johnny finally got to see the movie CARS. He LOVES it and spends most of his day playing with the his cars recreating the various scenes and singing the songs. He especially likes to play with Lightning McQueen and Doc "Husband" (actual name - Hudson).

We took him to see the movie for the second time this weekend and were really surprised that he remembered every preview in order from his last viewing. He also informed us that he wants to see the worm movie with Cassidy and Alex because it looks like a bigger kid movie. (how to eat fried worms)

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