Tuesday, June 07, 2011

1 Month!

Olive is 1 month old!
Olive is 1 Month old!  Here she is posing with Olive, The Other Reindeer!

It has been a fast month! 
Olive is eating well, sleeping....as well as a newborn sleeps, and seems to be getting bigger!  Her hair is growing in quickly as well.  I'm pretty sure she'll need a hair bow pretty soon!  Just like Maisy and Johnny she has Reflux.  But is managing well with the help of her medicine.

She can roll over from her stomach to her back and is working on going from her back to her stomach.  Hopefully she won't get too crazy and get moving early like Maisy.

I think she looks like she is going to punch someone in this picture

Sister's napping together
Loved by her brother and sister

And...as usual, I have a gift for taking cross-eyed pictures of babies.  Here's another of Olive:
Cross - Eyed, but oh so cute!  Look at that full belly!

Unfortunately Olive is not the only one in the house gaining weight.  Don, the cat, is up to 19.2 pounds.  In April he was 16.8.  He really needs to get on a workout plan.

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