Friday, February 04, 2011

Talent Show 2011

Johnny performed in the talent show tonight. 

He sang "On My Own" by the band Three Days Grace.

We were a little nervous.  Prior to the show he told me that "I only like the main part of the song, so that's all I'm gonna sing".  Which means the rest would be standing around doing nothing.  Also, he refused to practice the song because "I've been listening to it since August, so I think I know it by now".

Gabe and I were pleasantly surprised.  He sang loud, and he really did know all the words.  I give him credit, he certainly is brave.  If you know Johnny, he's actually quite shy.  But, he wants to be in the talent show, so he's willing to put that aside.

For your viewing pleasure..

Johnny, performing "On My Own"...

When we got home, Johnny said "Jokes get a bigger hit.  Maybe I'll do those again next year.  OR...I haven't danced yet.  Maybe I should dance".  (Gabe pointed out that Johnny is what the entertainment industry calls a "triple threat".)

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