Monday, July 19, 2010

13th Anniversary

Today is our 13th Anniversary.  It is our "Lace Anniversary". 

(I've promised Gabe some lace doilies that he's had his eye on.)

As promised last year, I will write about one of my favorite memories from our wedding / engagement period.

Gabe decided to ask me to marry him and put the plans in motion.  (We were all of 22 years old and wasting away so it was high time he got on it!)  He called my mom to ask if he could marry me.  (aaaahhh...isn't that sweet?!?!?) 

The conversation went something like this:

BBBrrrriiiinnnnggggg (telephone ringing)
Sandy: Hello, this is Sandy
Gabe: Hi this is Gabe.  I have something to ask you.  I want to marry your daughter.
Sandy: Can you hold on, I have another call....

Obviously she eventually came back and said yes.  (If you know my mom, you can picture this scene perfectly!)

I feel as though I should apologize for my lack of blogging updates.  My health hasn't been at it's best this year and it's left me extremely exhausted and not much energy to do much more than take care of the kids. 

the kids are great....and fighting...A LOT.  Maisy is quite feisty and harasses Johnny every chance she can get.  Johnny tries to reason with her, which never works with a 2½ year old, and gets frustrated with the situation.  This repeats itself throughout the day.  The good thing is, Maisy is absolutely adorable and it's hard to be too annoyed with her.  Johnny loves his sister so much and takes his role of "big brother" so seriously, I understand why he's frustrated with her.  They are adorable together.

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