Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Sleepover!

This evening Johnny had his friend Haven over for a sleep over.  This is the first time Johnny has had a buddy spend the night! 

Last summer I asked Johnny if he ever wanted to have Haven spend the night and he said "well he can't sleep in my room".  When I explained that the fun of having a friend over was having them sleep in your room he said "well, he can stay in my room, but only if he doesn't talk".

Haven is currently sleeping in Johnny's bottom bunk, and I believe he talked a little before they went to sleep.  And Johnny did not kick him out....success!

Maisy LOVES "Hay-man".  (that's what she calls him)  At dinner we were discussing our day and Haven said "Maisy, what was your favorite part of the day?" and she looked at him thoughtfully and said "Umm...Well Hay-man.." and began babbling about something that we couldn't understand.

Tomorrow morning should be interesting as Johnny still won't get out of bed on his own and yells "it's morning time" when he wakes up.  Haven may not appreciate that wake up call!

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