Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maisy Is Two!

Maisy has something to tell you:

We celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday and she quickly learned how to say "opine presens".  She LOVED it and enjoyed eating cake and playing (stealing toys from) with her buddies.

I made her a special birthday dress

And just like Maisy the Mouse's book, she had "Happy Birthday" on her diaper cover.

It's hard to believe that this

Turned in to this:

Maisy is so much fun and we just love watching her grow.  She talks a lot and has so much to say....sometimes we have no idea what she's telling us!  She loves to talk about Johnny and Don the cat.  After spending her first year looking at us like we were crazy, she seems to have adapted to the philosphy if you can't beat them, join them and is just as goofy as the rest of the family. 

She loves dancing and has some spectacular moves.  She's very different than her brother.  She will hit you with a toy and when you discuss that if you hit with toys you can't play with that toy she will bring you the toy, like she knows the temptation is far too great and she should get rid of it now!  She is much less busier than Johnny was at this age, and I must admit, it's nice! 

We are beginning to talk negotiations around weaning and so far she's winning.  Last night she said "mama!  milky yummy.  mmm... good...thank you mama!".  It's hard to compete with that argument!  She's very posessive of me and my hair.  I held baby Dash during her birthday party and he played with my hair.  She came running over crying, very offended, yelling "my hair!  my hair"  mama!  my hair!".

All around she's doing great.  She's still pretty small and getting smaller, which makes me nervous for her 2 year check up!  She just weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces which is terrible for her age (0.65%); but not to worry - her head is still very big!  (she also has tiny feet so she may just topple over one day!) The good news is that she is able to wear clothes for longer since she's growing so slowly.  She's getting good use out of the wardrobe "Kimmy" purchased for Bailey.  (Maisy came up with that name all on her own!  There is only one other person Kim allows to call her "Kimmy" and I don't think Maisy had ever her her called it)

Unlike her brother she loves to put on shoes and clothes.  She got a tea set for her birthday and made Gabe open it and sat down and started making tea.  I have no idea how she knew how to do this.  Apparently the genetic make up of girls includes tea parties.

Maisy is an excellent addition to our family and I can't imagine life without her.  It's been wonderful to see the relationship between her and Johnny develop.  She adores him and he is absolutely wonderful to her.  All my worries of sibling rivalry were unfounded.

Below are the remaining pictures of Maisy's "stocking" photo shoot!

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Becky Ogden said...

Happy birthday, Miss Maisy! It goes so fast, doesn't it, Kristi?