Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween Wrap Up

About this time every year I have a bunch of Halloween photos I want to share and don't because it's close to Thanksgiving and I figure it's too late.  But, this year I'm going to post them anyway.

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch.

You should see these boots...they are the smallest boots ever.  Johnny wore them when he was about 1 and no child has been able to fit in them since...until Maisy.  They are about 2½ inches from heel to toe!

Veggietales pumpkins!  Johnny was so excited!

This picture reminded me of the picture here

Johnny's annual smashing of the rotten pumpkins, Maisy enjoyed it as well.

And the pumpkin patch pictures stop after this!  It starting pouring (DUMPING) rain and Maisy slipped and fell face first into a pile of dirt.  It was the saddest thing ever.  She was cold, wet and bloody.  We got her cleaned up and she survived with just a scratch on her nose.

The kids got to dress up at Maisy's babygym class.  They are all adorable and so fun to see in their costumes, because they have absolutely no understanding that they are dressed up or what they are dressed up for.

Here are Maisy's best little buddies (or favorite people to steal toys from) Brynn and Murphy

Pumpkin decorating and cleaning.  Both kids jumped right in

Somehow, playing with the pumpkin guts in a bucket is way more fun than carving pumpkins

Seeing that Johnny got to draw on his pumpkin, Maisy insisted on drawing on her "pumpkin"

Never one to pass up an opportunity to decorate, Johnny began decorating himself

Johnny and Gabe had a "sleep over" in our bed.  Mommy got to sleep in Johnny's bottom bunk. 
(discussion followed the next day on whether or not Johnny needs a new mattress)

We went up to Bailey's for her 4th Birthday party and trick or treating.  Here are the kids before we head out to trick or treat.  so many silly things are going on in this picture I had to share it!

Maisy LOVES to sit on Kim's lap and play the piano with her.  It's so sweet to watch.

Kim got the kids matching pajamas with their names on them and a "sceh-wee ghost" as Maisy says.  By this time the kids were tired, had candy and fiesty.  I believe Johnny is trying to get back his omnitrix from Bailey who is holding on to it for dear life.  Maisy is just trying to get off the couch.

Finally the sleep over!

The alarm on Johnny's clock got turn on somehow and went off at 7:00 am, which was actually 6:00 am because of the time change.  Kim tried to get Johnny to go to sleep but he wanted nothing to do with that idea and both kids got up and were ready to play.  Johnny proclaimed he is now ready to spend the night at Haven's.

Maisy spent most of October talking about "skeh-wee" ghosts.  In fact, she still enjoys talking about them.  It's actually very cute.  She also likes to dance and sing, alot.  Twinkle Twinkle is a favorite and she sings about every 3 word and babbles for the rest.  She also enjoys singing the hand clapping songs we sing in baby class.

Bailey thinks Gabe is named "Uncle Dave".  Before we came up she asked who was coming and Kim told her "Treetree, Gabe, Maisy and Johnny" and Bailey said "What about Uncle Dave?".

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De, Christa, and li'l Murphy said...

Super cute photos and stories to go with. I am loving the matching pajamas!