Friday, October 23, 2009

School Carnival

The Pioneer School Fall Carnival was this evening.  Both kids were excited to wear their costumes.

Johnny is dressed as "Ben 10 Alien Force" which is his favorite television show, toy, concept, game to play, thing to think about about, think to talk about, thing to draw, etc... He was very excited for his costume to arrive.  His mother was also excited as his other costume ideas involved me sewing something from his imagination and I'm not entirely sure my sewing capabilities are up to that!

Maisy was Dorothy.  Ever since Bailey was a baby I have had my eye on this costume.  I offered to make it for Bailey, but she had a mind of her own at this age.  Thankfully Maisy does not!!!  (and her mother never gave her the option!) 
Unfortunately I forgot to hand Maisy her little stuffed Toto dog for her picture!

Some of our friends (Maria, mother to Haven and Morgan and Carina, mother to Helena and Andreas) taught Maisy has to make this face, and Gabe has given it a name....if you ask Maisy to make her "funny face" this is what you get!

Here are Maisy and Johnny together...and Maisy and Johnny making funny faces at each other.

Johnny won this cake at the cakewalk.  2nd round even!  Last year we probably played the cake walk 15 times before he won and selected the cake we brought.  This year he found a cake that fit him perfectly.  This person obviously made this cake with Johnny in mind.

Next weekend, we will be attending the birthday festivities of Bailey and staying to trick or treat and have a sleep over.  Bailey told Momo that Johnny, Treetree, and Maisy were all going to spend the night in her room in her extra bed.  It's a twin bed, and Johnny's bringing everything he owns, so it should be really  Bailey's extra bed is a trundle bed.  Johnny's wondering if he can sleep in the "cave" section.
Below are 2 pictures of Maisy.  Each snapped as she said a word.  In the first picture she said "No".  In the second she said "stop".  I thought I did a pretty good job of capturing the exact feeling she was having.

Grammie made Johnny a new spider pillowcase.  He insisted on me taking a picture of him with it.  The pillowcase couldn't be more fitting...Johnny favorite color of green and spiderwebs and spiders on it.  I think he probably slept well that night!

I washed his hair and told him we needed to make sure and wash it good ‘cuz the school told us to make sure and be on the lookout for lice and one of the ways to prevent lice is washing. He asked what lice was and I told him they were bugs that live in your scalp and make your head itch. He said “can they control my brain?”.

We got the proofs back from school pictures.  Remember he told us he smiled like a vampire....I chose not to order that picture.

We may have a front tooth in soon.  Remember Johnny knocked it out 2 days after his 5th birthday?!?!  It might arrive!  Unfortunately the gum is not looking good and he will be visiting the dentist on Monday, but I'm hoping this means it may be here for christmas.  The funny thing is that everytime we look in his mouth we are reminded of possibly the most terrifying day of our life since he was born.  Being called and told that you need to get your child from school 'cuz they've had an injury isn't my idea of a wonderful memory.  Johnny, on the other hand, doesn't even remember how he lost that tooth.  He has no memory of it at all.

Maisy enjoys playing in the water and Bailey loaned her this tower.  Unfortunately she's still too short to reach the water, but she still finds a way to dump it on the floor...and tells us "no wa-wee" while she's spilling it all over the floor.  It's a huge mess to clean up, but it means I can cook dinner without being interrupted!

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De, Christa, and li'l Murphy said...

Aw, I just love the sibling pictures. It is so fun to watch them growing up (in person and on the blog)!
Interesting that Johnny doesn't remember how his tooth got knocked out. Good thing, I guess.
Their costumes look great and I noticed you found a ruby slipper for Maisy! Cool!