Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On The First Day of The First Grade...

Johnny began 1st Grade this month.
His Teachers are Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Crosby.
(They each teach 2 days a week and every other Wednesday.)
So far, it's been shockingly uneventful. His favorite buddies Grant and Teddy are in his class and he still works with Mrs. T., so the transition to 1st grade was very easy. And he still gets to go next door to say hello to his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. M.
Here are the required first day of school photos

Maisy gets VERY EXCITED when she sees the school bus turn the corner onto our street.

Today was picture day. Johnny told me he smiled like a vampire. Based on the "smile" he showed me, I'm assuming we won't be ordering extra photos again this year!
So far he's been pretty excited because First Graders get to check out TWO BOOKS at the library. As far as I can tell that's about the only difference.
We have already begun selecting and changing our minds about Halloween costumes. It's going to be a a LLLOOONNNGGG month till Halloween.

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De, Christa, Murphy, Eyesie, and Tibbs said...

Congratulations to Johnny, and I can't wait to see what he'll be for Halloween!