Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank You Pioneer Elementary School

Tonight was movie night at Johnny's school. Johnny watched the Bee Movie while Maisy ran around and chased president Woods' daughter, and got chased by president Woods' daughter, and stole the ball from president Woods' daughter, and gave the ball back to president Woods' daughter and then tried to hit president Woods' daughter and then chased president Woods' daughter some more. All the while laughing and squealing.

We came home and Johnny wanted to watch his Friday night programs. It wasn't quite bedtime so I put Maisy in the red elmo chair to watch tv with Johnny while I tried to sneak in time to check emails and Facebook.

Gabe is gone for two weeks and Maisy is in a VERY CLINGY phase. Every email I have read/typed this week has been with Maisy on my lap or Maisy clinging to my leg, or Maisy yelling at me.

For the first time since Sunday, I was ALONE checking my email, reading what all my friends are doing on Facebook, tending to my Facebook farm, answering a few emails I've been ignoring. I was really enjoying the peace and quiet. Finally I realized that it had been 20 minutes of peace and quiet and decided that I would go ahead and put Maisy to bed now and continue on with my peace and quiet.

I went down to the Orange Room and found Johnny's running back and forth across the couch, jumping and yelling, and Maisy...

Johnny spotted my camera and wanted to make sure he got in on the action!

So I say thank you to Pioneer Elementary School for having a movie night and wearing out Maisy so much that I got a few minutes what feels like stolen peace and quiet! It completely made my day.

By the way...If you are the owner of the phone number just like mine but ending in 2143 and you ever get a call about Johnny Rutledge, can you forward that call to me. No matter how much we work on Johnny's phone number, that is what he thinks our phone number is. So, if we could just work out an arrangement, it would make my life much easier...

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