Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Gwyneth Rose

Maisy and Johnny just wanted to send birthday wishes to Gwyneth Rose on her first birthday.

Gwyneth is a very special little girl who was born 15+ weeks early and is now celebrating her first birthday.
In honor of her birthday, Maisy is wearing pink and brown today. Johnny didn't feel like getting into the pink spirit - but he's very excited that it's her birthday and wonders if she will eat cake tonight.
You may remember Gwyneth modeling the hat I made for her

And here she is now
Here is a picture of Maisy modeling the hat I made for Gwyneth for her first birthday. (it's probably rude of me to show a picture of someone wearing a present I made someone else, but I wanted to get a picture before I mailed it since it was my most challenging hat yet!)
Happy Birthday Gwyneth Rose!


MilePost13 said...

Thank you! We love your hats!!!

Megan and Company said...

Oh my gracious! I didn't know you made those fabo hats!! I love them. TOO CUTE. :)