Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Rutledge Squat

If looks didn't convince you, we have hard evidence that Maisy is a Rutledge.
Maisy and Johnny come from a long line of people able to sit in the most uncomfortable looking squatting position for long periods of time. (It's a really awkward position that I cannot sustain for any length of time. You have to be born with Rutledge blood to be able to do it, marriage doesn't count.)

Whenever Grandpa, Daddy, Johnny, and now Maisy are playing or working on the ground, they squat. (I've heard rumors that great Grandpa Rutledge used to squat while working out in the yard and I'm guessing there were probably a few Rutledge's squatting on the Mayflower.)

Below are examples of various generations doing the Rutledge squat.

Grandpa and Johnny squatting in the yard

Daddy and Johnny squatting on the beach

Maisy squatting with toys

Now, back away from your computer and try it!


Anonymous said...

If I could squat like that, I probably couldn't get up. Cute pics!

the Richardsons said...

I can only do it if I'm wearing my clogs AND have my feet really far apart. (Singing, "Let's go riding on an elevator...")
Actually I do it pretty often, if I'm wearing my clogs, which is almost every day.
This is so cute and funny, and true! Some people can just DO IT, while others cannot. :-) ~Christa