Monday, June 09, 2008

5 Months and 6 years old!

It is official! Johnny is a 6 year old and Maisy is 5 months

(soon to be 6 months... Her mother is a little behind!)

Johnny finished his 6th birthday with parties, presents and way too much cake! No one should consume that much whipped sugar! He actually wanted 3 cakes but we nixed that.

Johnny had a pajama party for his birthday. If you know Johnny, you are aware that he LOVES to wear pajamas. He told everyone they were invited to wear their pajamas to his party. Momo was the only person who took him up on this offer. (I think she might shoot me if I posted a picture!)

Johnny was very good and only asked once if Grammie and Grandpa had more presents for him. Johnny and his best buddy Haven getting ready to blow out candles.
We kept having to relight the candle because Johnny kept blowing it out while we were singing.

Bailey brought her bounce house to Johnny's party!

Last weekend Grandpa, Papa, Adam and Kevin (Twacey's husband....father to Jenna-Wee, BEEbecca and Luca) put together Johnny's "backyard playground". (a birthday present courtesy of Momo)

Became this.... (no..Don didn't really help!) and Johnny and Jelly rushed out to swing! (Bailey rushed out to eat sand!)Johnny thinks this is the coolest. Jennalee and he spent parts of today in the rain on the swing set. They made the decision to go swing and looked outside and saw the rain. Johnny quickly told Jelly that they should go out the door by the kitchen. Hoping it wouldn't be raining over there.
And later I caught Johnny doing this...

His fashion sense is atrocious!!!


Johnny participated in "The Big School Race". When you ask him, he'll tell you he won. It was very exciting! He even got a blue ribbon for winning.
And the real story?!?! He was waiting at the start line for his teacher to tell him to start. She wasn't at the school race so he stood there for about 30 seconds while the other kids ran; then he began running down the track a little behind the other kids. He got to the "finish line" and looked around for a few seconds. Lining the side of the track were some decorative flags. Johnny spotted those and immediately ran over and dashed under them. Looked at me and said, proudly, "I WON! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO WENT THROUGH THE FINISH LINE".

Mommy got a new camera for Mother's Day and it is amazing. We managed to snap this photo of Johnny running by and it makes me laugh every time I see it!

This was Johnny's first photo with the new camera. Unfortunately it's and extremely honest depiction of his attitude!!

Maisy is 5 months. She loves her brother very much. She gets so excited whenever she sees him.

She's started sleeping in her crib like a big girl. She was sleeping in her swing, but the motor burnt out so we made the switch. (I would also like to plug this fisher price swing. Bailey slept in it 24-7 for 4 months. Maisy slept in it 24-7 for 5 months. If they averaged about 19 hours of sleep per day over 9 months, that is about 5400 hours of swinging before the motor died. I think that's pretty good.)

She's learned how to make a couple noises - "ckckckckckck" is her favorite and she practices it very early in the morning. She can also stick out her tongue and blow raspberries.

Bust mostly she loves to smile
Here are some pictures of Maisy... Overhead from Johnny
Guess what? Something i saw in a commercial that I'm not sure is true "at subway, there's no such thing as no".

Daddy: I'm not sure if this is going to work
Johnny: Well, it's worth a try

Daddy told Johnny he's going to work and will be back late Sunday night and Johnny thought about it and said "I'm OK with that".

We told Momo that Johnny's birthday party is a pajama party.
Momo: Do I have to wear pajamas?
Johnny: Well, Actually Momo, i'm not sure if I'm inviting you.

Mama, for our next baby, I want you to have two of them.
(apparently he doesn't notice the HUGE age difference between he and Maisy and how lucky he is that he has a sibling at all!)

Mama: Johnny, don't put your hands in your butt
Johnny: Mama...I think it sounds better to use the word "watuski". You really shouldn't use that other word, use "watuski"
Mama: OK, I won't do that anymore
Johnny: OK mama, don't. that other word just doesn't sound nice

While reading bedtime stories Johnny exclaimed "pause the book, i have to poop!". (tivo has changed the world)

When Johnny uses the computer and scrolls down the page he says he's "Squirreling"

Johnny: Do Jennalee and Luca have another baby yet?
Mama: Nope
Johnny: Well they should. Some of our friends are turning up with babies, and Luca can talk now so he’s not a baby ananymoreso they should get another one. (Tracey didn't seem to agree with his logic!)

The next time I see a slug I want to ask him if he's sticky

Johnny telling a Ghost story
"there was a ghost"
regular voice "where do bats live?"
whispering again "there was a ghost and he made all the bats in the cave die and maggots ate them"

Upon discovering that the web page he was looking at had been shutdown Johnny ran down the hall yelling "THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!"

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Sandy said...

Momo would not have been upset if you showed a picture of her at Johnny's Birthday Party in Jammies. After all it was a Pajama Party - and I did get invited.

I enjoyed the blog.